Managed WordPress hosting is a hosting plan, which includes WordPress-optimized servers, WordPress-oriented features and dedicated support to help you with WordPress-related issues. The benefits of managed WordPress are that you can rely on professionals, who know the application and your site will be hosted on a server that is best configured for WordPress.

WordPress managed hosting vs unmanaged

Normal hosting accounts (shared, VPS, Dedicated server) have standard setup which is suitable for different applications. The server setup on WordPress hosting is especially made for WordPress and may or may not support other applications. This means that the hosting should work better for WordPress than a non-managed account, but will probably not work as well (or at all) for other applications.

Technical support on regular hosting is limited to only hosting-related issues and requests. The provider takes care for the server your site is hosted on and maybe some additional settings or application problems. The managed WordPress hosting provider should perform other additional work for the client. Of course, this doesn’t mean build and develop your site, but definitely help with troubleshooting your site, install plugins and themes, and advise you on WordPress-specific questions. Fully managed WordPress hosting might also include some development work as well.

The price of the regular hosting (especially shared) usually varies between $2 and $10 per month. Since it includes a better setup and higher level of support managed WordPress hosting is more expensive and it might go as high as $100 per month.

Who needs managed WordPress hosting?

If you have a WordPress site and you are looking for the best hosting for it, you will surely want to get the managed plan. This solutions should increase the speed and security of your site, as well as give you more options for pluging, development, etc.

If you are just starting with WordPress but you want to create a professional project as fast as possible, you can also take a look at the managed WordPress hosting as it comes with technical experts, which will save you the time to look for help online or hire a WordPress developer.