Many bloggers and website owner have found a great lucrative way to make money by offering merchant products for a commission. Read more about hosting affiliate marketing and commissions below!

Hosting Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate commissions are sales commission paid to the owner of a website or blog when they refer customers to a merchant’s website that result in a new sale. Hosting affiliate marketing is when a hosting provider pays an affiliate commission for referrals, that sign up for the hosting products.

Affiliate Hosting Commissions

Each hosting provider has a policy for rewarding and transferring commissions. Some pay a flat fee (a fixed commission value for each sign up) or calculated as a percentage of the hosting price. Affiliates need to be mindful of the terms to which they agree, as some merchants have hidden or misleading clauses. For example, some hosts might offer a very hefty $10-per-sale flat commission, however, their terms will probably limit a payout by some specific conditions. If you plan to become a hosting affiliate (or any type of affiliate for that matter), be sure to carefully read any affiliate-related terms.

For many bloggers and website owners, affiliate and AdSense commission is their primary source of revenue. The amount of commission varies between merchants and products, which can range from $100 per year to tens of thousands of dollars per year. This allows some bloggers to cover their expenses, and others to earn a living.

How can it save you money?

Merchants will quite often offer their affiliates exclusive promotions that are usually in the form of a discount. These discounts don’t earn the affiliate a larger commission but are instead passed directly on to you. You can view all current promotions on my promotions page, bearing in mind that I will only post and promote the specials for the companies that I actively use and am proud to promote!

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