WebHostFace has released a brand-new fully Managed WordPress plan, which hasn’t been officially announced yet. This is a unique hosting package, which is not simply optimized to support WordPress but will actively improve the performance of your WordPress projects.

Each client on this plan gets a designated personal WP assistant, committed to supporting their websites. The assistant’s job is to know your WordPress websites and provide in-depth troubleshooting, development advice, manual security audits, and SEO guidance.

In regards to the environment, the Managed WordPress hosting accounts are on a separate server, configured especially with the application in mind. Facilitated with NGINX, PHP 7, HTTP/2, and Google Pagespeed, the technology is aimed at increasing speed and stability.

For more advanced needs, the package comes with SSH and is WP-CLI and GIT-ready.

The plan comes with a cPanel, unlimited email accounts, file access and control, and the freedom to install any plugins or templates you wish.

You can see more about the package on their official page here.

Before officially announcing the new service, WebHostFace would like to gather customer feedback and completely fine-tune the service. That is why they provide a free Managed WordPress hosting account for two weeks so that you can give it a go, test the environment and see how you feel about it. They will transfer your WordPress website free of charge so you can get a better idea of the package.

At the end of the test period, their team will reach you again for your assessments, comments, and observations, as well as to potentially discuss if you would like to continue with a subscription. The free Managed WordPress hosting trial is only active until the end of the month and comes with no strings attached and requires no credit card information or personal details other than an email address. To contact them for the free trial, use office@webhostface.com or contact them on their chat.