When it comes to shared hosting, $10 is an industry standard for affordable hosting providers. Still, price alone is not an indication of quality. Based on our personal experience, we present you the top affordable hosting companies for under $10 per month*.

WebHostFace – Face Extra – $5.45

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Pros: Their chat and phone connect right away and their representatives are helpful and friendly.

Very flexible with the billing cycles, you can sign up for one month only at this price.

Cons: Their price gets higher when you have to renew – at $10.90/mo (without the discounts they give for renewal)

Lunarpages – Basic Linux Hosting $8.95 (if you sign up for one year)

Top Affordable Hosting Companies, cheap lunarpages

Pros: I connect to them over the chat almost immediately. Their representatives are very efficient and helpful.

Cons: If you try to sign up for less than a year, the price increases and there is a pretty hefty set-up fee of $30.

They tell you the storage is unlimited, however, when I asked them if that is actually true, they replied: “it cannot be used for storage for non-related files” which is pretty vague.

Just Host – Plus plan – $8.95

top affordable hosting companies, justhost, cheap hosting

Pros: They offer quite a lot of website space.

Cons: The chat didn’t work at all the first time I tried to connect. The second time I had to wait for 15 minutes until I got connected.

The renewal price is different upon renewal – $12.99/mo with no discount.

InterServer – Standard Web Hosting – $5

top affordable hosting companies, interserver, cheap hosting

Pros: The $5 per month is a fixed price, regardless of the billing period.

Cons: Their sign up process is a bit complex and frustrating.

They don’t have phone support.

They don’t have free domain name registration.

BlueHost – Plus – $8.45

top affordable hosting companies, cheap hosting, bluehost


Pros: They offer good quality hosting with a lot of features

Cons: It takes quite a long time for me to contact them over the chat, I wait on average between 10 to 15 minutes.

Upon renewal, the price goes to $10.99

The “unlimited” part of the hosting can be a little misleading, as actually your account can be limited if it gets too heavy.

HostGator – Baby -$8.95

top affordable hosting companies, hostgator, cheap hosting

Pros: Offers a good set of features and resources for that price.

Cons: Their reputation is decreasing lately.

If you sign up for a month, the price is at $11.95.

Their chat is very slow, last time I had to wait for 25 minutes, which is a record for me.

Domain.com – Deluxe – $6.75

top affordable hosting companies, cheap hosting, domain.com


Pros: The price remains the same regardless of the billing period

Cons: They limit the number of FTP accounts and MySQL databases

The price is only for the first plan, the renewal is at $12.95 per month.

The “unlimited” disk space is quite misleading as they reserve the right to limit you if your account gets too big.

They do not offer free domain name registration

HostMonster – Plus –  $8.95

top affordable hosting companies, cheap hosting, hostmonster

Pros: The offer abundant storage space and marketing tools

Cons: The price goes to $12.49 when you renew.

They limit the number of allowed websites, subdomains, email accounts, and parked domains.

It takes quite a while until you manage to contact them over the chat.

Hosting24 – Gold – $7.99

top affordable hosting companies, cheap hosting, hosting24

Pros: They provide a good set of features for this price.

Cons: They only have weekly backups and not daily.

Their price is at $9.99/mo if you decide to pay monthly.

I was not able to connect to chat for about 10 minutes

FastDomain -$6.95

Top Affordable Hosting Companies, fastdomain cheap hosting

Pros: They have a demo, which you can test, their features are pretty good and include everything you need to host your sites.

Cons: They only have one plan and one location, which is not very flexible.

Their support is pretty slow to connect to and once I did, their rep didn’t seem to know what I am asking him. Although they have one


*Keep in mind that the listed top affordable hosting companies and their plans are shared hosting packages only and that the fees might vary according to the billing plan. The prices are for one-year hosting for the first year, some hosts offer different prices if you sign up for less or more time. I have only included the packages, which offer multiple websites as I believe “one website only” is too limiting even for a cheaper price.